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An Asset Management & full service Training Consultancy for Hospitality industry & all things hospitality.
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We specialize in The Hospitality Industry!
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Consultancy and Business Coaching
Whether you want a recipe for progress or build capability of your Leadership team, we are ready!
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We analyze operations, identify opportunities and accelerate profitability.
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Hospitality Consulting Services

Hospitality Consulting Services

Incode Business Services is a new-age hospitality consulting firm offering multidimensional B2B expertise, development and management services to clients across Pan India. With years of industry expertise, we aim of providing best-in-class management and advisories for the success of our hospitality partners.

At Incode, we guide our clients all through their venture journey, starting from inception to diversification. We advise, assist and suggest new ways to optimize cost and inspire operational efficiencies and boost sales and revenues, playing a crucial part in the commercial success of your hotel management.

Compared to other hospitality consulting services in India, our services are more data-driven coupled with an empathetic and innovative approach. 

Regardless of being a 5-star hotel consultant, we provide hospitality consulting services to hotels of various sizes operating in various geographies and market demographics.


Combining unmatched experiences, knowledge, capabilities, marked by dynamism, constant innovation and involvement with innumerable projects, underlines Incode’s expertise and understanding of the entire spectrum of hospitality services.

We deal with all types of clients – domestic and international hotel operators, financial institutions, asset owners, investors, real state developers and different segments of the hospitality industry.

  • Hotels
  • Resorts
  • Restaurants
  • Boutiques
  • Villas
  • QSR
  • Hotel Education Institutes

Incode is one of the few independent hospitality consultants in India which offers management, advisory and transactional services – all in one place.   

Our Vision 

Incode Business Services aim to be recognized as a landmark for providing strategic guidance and high impact work product to assist hospitality businesses in India aim for long-term business success and even recover existing business.

Our team of dynamic hotel consultants backed by our founder Mr Virender Razdan uses innovative business ideas and creative concepts to strategize the management and the operations of our partner’s businesses.

 We can uniquely position your business in the competitive market of hospitality and guarantee optimum profits.

Services we provide as the best hotel consultants in India

  1. Asset Management: Leveraging the true potential of hospitality assets to maximize profitability and minimize risk.
  2. Development Solutions: Actualizing complex plans with planning, detailing and reflecting through various steps.
  3. Financial Audits: Offering insights about the financial operations along with identifying and laying down improvement plans helping businesses grow and prosper faster and smoother.
  4. Mystery Audit: Assessing the real-time experience of customers by trained mystery auditors, reliable analysis of customer treatment and behaviour through a combination of objective and subjective evaluation techniques
  5. Executive Search: A well-planned and focused approach to talent acquisition.
  6. Investment Advisory: Sector specialist for purchase and sale of assets and companies while maximizing profits and minimizing risks.
  7. Operational Controls: Evaluation, analysis and reviewing the marketing strategies, sales, to improve profitability and efficiency in all operational areas.
  8. Concept Development: A detailed and illustrative plan of how the services and the facilities will be perceived by end-user
  9. Energy Asset Management: Optimum financial performance backed by IoT Energy Management.
  10. Project Execution and Planning: Preliminary planning and arranging throughout the development process.
  11. Sales and Marketing Support: Evaluate project opportunities, challenges and areas of growth to devise a customised plan to advance the sales and marketing departments.
  12. Revenue Management: Strategic and logical Revenue Management Support.
  13. Strategic Advisory: Expert advisors for helping hospitality businesses achieve optimum returns.  
  14. Third-party operations: Directing day-to-day activity in the best interests of hotel owners and manage the assets either as independent consults or as a franchisee.

Our Philosophy

 At Incode, we believe in transparency, virtuous business dealings, and providing end-to-end hospitality solutions with a hands-on approach.

We thrive to create business excellence and profitability for our partners!

The philosophy of our business is based on:

  • Creating a healthy environment for owners to procure optimum ROI and a happy workplace for teams and employees.
  • Providing prompt solutions for increasing efficiencies, devising marketing strategies, curtailing unnecessary costs and administrating realistic business goals.
  • Exceeding the expectations of our owners, investors and guests.

At Incode, we dedicate ourselves to provide comprehensive solutions to meet your business goals and procure optimum return on investment.

Get in touch with the best hotel consultants in India, Incode Business Services, and witness your hospitality businesses align with your aspirations and goals and become a prosperous and established investment.

Why us?

We work with you to enhance revenues & reengineer expenses to arrive at sustained EBITDA and improved asset valuation.

Book your Brand Assessment with our Compliments.

Your Success is our passion!

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