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Digital Marketing for HotelsThe hospitality industry is ever-changing! It is competitive and demands quick adoption with modern marketing strategies to strive and stay ahead of the competition.

Undoubtedly digital marketing for hotels is imperative in this modern era. It helps hotel businesses survive the touch industry, increase visibility, transparency, and drive regular profits.

If you’re on the same page and are intrigued to know how digital marketing can benefit your hospitality business, then read on

You’ll also get your hands on 10 exclusive digital marketing strategies that will help your business stay afloat and increase revenue in 2022. and the following years.

So let’s get started!

What is digital marketing? 

Any marketing that leverages electronic devices to endorse goods, services, brands, and measures its impact and profitability in terms of investment in digital marketing. The advertising is delivered through digital channels like social media posts, online videos, display ads, applications, emails and websites.

Digital marketing is all about reaching the targeted customers through multiple channels with conversion-oriented messages.

Why do hotels need digital marketing?

In this era of digitalization, customers are always using online channels to search for hotels and restaurants. When discussing the hospitality industry, competition is always high. Therefore to promote individuality, hotel businesses must create a more cohesive, customer-centric message, which hits the target audience, when they are searching for answers.

Also, using analytics, the digital marketing team can track down the effectiveness of these messages and channels in reaching the ultimate goal.

At the same time, you need the hand of reliable hotel consultants like Incode Business Services to guide you towards leveraging various digital marketing mediums.

Exclusive 10 digital marketing for hotels strategies used in the hotel industry
  1. Shift Focus from International to Local Travellers

With the COVID-19 situation in place, there are still few restrictions on international travel. Hoteliers are switching up their marketing efforts and are targeting the domestic market – and it is proving to be successful as well.

But the question is, how?

Through social media advertising!

  1. Email Marketing

Though email marketing may seem to be a vague concept compared to other advanced online systems – it is a great way to stay connected with prospects and customers.

In the wake of the pandemic, email marketing has become a powerful tool, and statistics prove the same. Also, nearly 60% of consumer purchase decisions are influenced by email deals and offers.

  1. Create a presence with a perfect website

You already know the hotel industry is competitive, and to get an edge over your competitors, you must embrace technology. When searching online for hotel bookings and services, customers judge business credibility based on the website.

To leverage the full potential of digital marketing, your hotel must have a website that’s unique, professional, functional and user-friendly.

  1. Local SEO 

If you want to nail digital marketing strategies, you must start with perfecting your SEO (Search Engine Optimization). A good SEO strategy increases your online business discoverability and drives maximum traffic to your website.

Also, focus on local travellers and your website SEO must make sure that your business ranks high among the local SEO search.

  1. Value Package and Flexible

Following the pandemic outbreak, it is not always possible to compete purely based on the price of hotel rooms. Hence, take that extra step forward and include packages like breakfast massage, vehicle hire, and get that extra edge over the competitors.

Customers are always willing to pay more when they receive excellent services. Also, designing a flexible cancellation policy will encourage bookings.

  1. Pay-per-click (PPC)

This is a form of paid marketing strategically implemented to reach target audiences. The idea behind this digital marketing strategy is that anytime the customer clicks on the ads, a fee has to be paid by the marketers.

But when it comes to digital marketing for hotels, pay-per-click is different from organic posting because there is a lot of in-depth research and targeting that makes ad campaigns fruitful. Only a reputed hotel digital marketing agency like Incode Business Services can make such campaigns successful with proper targets and strategies.

  1. Budget Allocation

After the significant loss of the hospitality industry in 2020, because of the pandemic, strategizing and allocating budget is crucial to track and measure the ROI on various marketing campaigns.

As a businessman, you must try different hotel digital marketing options to understand which works best for your business and where the customers are responding more.

  1. Virtual Tour Video 

Following the pandemic, customers are keen to take an insight tour of your hotel premises before confirming the bookings. You can take full advantage of the situation and design virtual reality tours into your digital marketing plans.

This helps in gaining the guests’ trust and proves to be an effective strategy of digital marketing for hotels and drives more bookings.

  1. Prioritize Content Marketing

No digital marketing plan will stand the test of time without the proper content marketing. Digital marketing for hotels is about creating valuable content for your customers and sharing them on various social platforms to reach target audiences.

  1. Ads, Ads and More Ads!

Listing your hotel business on Metasearch Engines and Google Hotel Ads has its own set of perks. It does not only help to increase your business visibility but also alleviate brand value.

This will also be helpful to get direct bookings which will, in turn, recognize your hotel business with better credibility and give you a win-win situation.

Final Thoughts

Now you know that digital marketing for hotels is crucial. It helps improve your business visibility across the internet and drive in more customers, resulting in more revenue.

Take full advantage of this article and inculcate these strategies into your hotel business.

If you want to know more about utilizing digital marketing in your business strategies, contact Incode Business Services. We are the best hotel digital marketing agency in India with decades of experience in the hospitality industry.


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