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Digital Marketing For Hotels – Intrigued to know about the upcoming trends of digital marketing for hotels? Great! You are at the right place!

In this short read by Incode Business Services, 5 latest trends of digital marketing for hotels to help you capture the market and stay ahead of your competition.

But before we start with digital marketing for hotels, first, a moment to set the context regarding the importance of hospitality digital marketing.

What is the importance of digital marketing for hotels?

In this digital era, talking about the importance of digital marketing for hotels is a no-brainer. If you are still not sure about the importance of digital marketing for hotels, Incode Business Services, one of the renowned hotel digital marketing agency, has laid down these points:

  • To reach the top of SERP with SEO.
  • Active social media presence for your business.
  • Content marketing to reach potential customers.
  • For building your e-reputation
  • For improving user experience.

Upcoming Trends of Digital Marketing For Hotels

1. Focusing on User Generated Content

According to statistics, the conversion rate of a product increases when a product page is incorporated with user-generated content. This includes everything ranging from testimonials, blog posts, testimonials, comments, and social publications.

In this digital marketing for hotels strategy, you can encourage your visitors to share their reviews about their experience on their social media pages

  1. Using Remarketing Ads

This digital marketing for hotels is all about focusing your advertisement efforts on users who show interest in your business. As per reports, remarketing ads have a 400% larger click-through rate and 150% higher website conversion rate.

So if you are thinking of amping up your business, re-engage the users who visited your website previously but didn’t go all the way up to bookings.

  1. Use Chatbox to Improve Customer Experience

More than any other industry, chatbots are really crucial for the hospitality industry. Chatbox helps the users get rapid responses to their queries, regardless of the staff being offline to give the answers.

  1. Using Virtual Reality For Virtual Tours

Another trend of digital marketing for hotels is sharing a virtual tour of your hotel with your client. This will help your customers understand what they’re about to experience without stepping a foot into your property.

  1. Highlight your facilities safety protocols

The most crucial trend for the hospitality industry in the wake of the COVID pandemic is highlighting your hotel’s safety protocols in place guaranteeing the safety of your customers.

Remember, the whole point of marketing is making sure that all the protocols are being communicated to the customer beforehand.

Incode Business Services – Best hotel digital marketing agency

Now that you know about the trends of digital marketing for hotels, the next step is to embrace these trends and grow your hotel business.

If you are unsure where to start, you always have Incode Business Services by your side to help your hotel business thrive by adapting to the latest digital marketing strategies. Our industry experts will guide your business through all the steps of digital marketing and will provide you with all the industry knowledge that you won’t find anywhere else.

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