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Categories: Hotel Consultants

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Marketing Strategy for Hotels: The world is rejoicing as we are approaching a stage where travel restrictions are (hopefully!) to be loosened slightly, and the travel demand is picking up (slowly but certainly).

People are longing to go out of their homes and take a breath of fresh air in the open! Hashtags like Bounceback staycation, revenge holidays are trending on platforms and hotel and travel operators are keeping their fingers crossed and their products ready and upgraded

As we sail through 2022, hoteliers hope to rebound from the lingering impact of Covid-19 and capture most of the opportunities with their goals and strategies

In some ways, it’s easier to predict what customers want – starting with safety, cleanliness and peace of mind.

Certainly, it goes beyond that!

Budget allocating, repositioning, retargeting and reviving – there’s so much to strategize.

Easier said than done!

In this post, we will show you the top 5 marketing strategies for hotels to drive bookings, maximize profits and amplify your property’s ability to return stronger and better.

Without further ado, let’s dive straight in.

Top 5 Marketing Strategy for Hotels in 2022.

  1. The rise in neighbourhood marketing

Neighbourhood marketing will be a key strategy for hotels in 2022 as people are less willing to travel internationally and rely more on domestic vacations.

According to a survey by Global Web Index, 31% of people plan to take more stay cautious and local trips, once the outbreak is relaxed.

As the world continues to recover, attracting vaccinated people to your property seems easier than convincing them to hop on a plane and travel.

How to make it work?

Focus on driving bookings from local and drive-in markets. Connect with your community and plan out enticing offers, unique packages, incentives – whatever you feel will appeal to the local crowd who are craving a vacation.

  1. Retargeting: best and most effective marketing strategy

The importance of this marketing strategy for hotels, cannot be stressed enough.

Retargeting is nothing but simply reaching out to the customers who are already aware of your business and have interacted with you over social media platforms or through your website.

Though 80% of hotels don’t abide by this marketing strategy if done correctly and strategically, retargeting is always, always and always the best and the most effective marketing campaign.


When going for a vacation, would you prefer to stay in a hotel that you are already familiar with (and you are happy with their services) or will you take a chance and book a new place?

The answer is simple!

  1. Social Media Marketing is holding strong in 2022 and will be -for years to come

If there was one and only one sales and marketing strategy for hotels, it would be social media marketing, hands down!

The sheer volume of social media usage, across the globe, indicates how valuable social media marketing strategy for hotels is, to capture the attention of potential guests.

We can almost write a whole page about social media marketing and strategies, but here are a few key pointers to take to the bank.

  • Use Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Google, to grow your audience (organically and also with paid advertisements)
  • Create steller, visually pleasing, creative travel content to entice your audience.
  • Showcase your current promotion packages
  • Share positive reviews of your customers.
  • Virtual tours and videos are a big marketing trend for 2022.
  • Be active and empathic and resolve customers’ queries.
  • Don’t forget hashtags
  1.   Digital Marketing holds the key

Did you know according to Hospitality Net, almost 76% of total revenue in the hotel industry will be generated through online sales by 2023?

With zillions of people using smartphones and being online, it’s hard to overlook the importance of digital marketing strategy for hotels.

Email marketing, SEO, video hosting, affiliate marketing, customer relationship management and more – there are innumerable ways to ace digital marketing.

So, what does it mean for marketers?

Investing in these marketing channels will prove to be a viable marketing strategy for hotels that will pay off almost immediately.

A few ways to make the most of digital marketing in this era:

  • Use proper SEO to rank your hotel higher in the search engine.
  • Use email marketing to reach the target customers directly with enticing offers and deals directly delivered in their mailbox.
  • Ensure your hotel website is highly intuitive and makes direct bookings easy.
  • Quality content will be your saviour
  • Use social media to share content showcasing
  • Unique offers and safety measures in practice.
  • Make your website mobile-friendly as most people start their search on mobiles.
  • Target travel agents with GDS advertising.
  1. Communicating your hotel hygiene and safety efforts are a priority 

What’s the first thing travellers are going to notice while booking your hotel after this pandemic?

Safety and cleanliness during the stay.

If there could be one and only one marketing strategy for hotels to bear in mind post-pandemic to get more bookings, we would say cleanliness.

Follow these steps to ensure optimum safety and happiness for your guests.

  • Get Certified by the local authorization body and retrain and rework your staff and their service journey plans.
  • Highlight your hotel cleanliness
  • Follow standard operating procedures.
  • Adapt contactless services.
  • Implement Flexibility.

Final Thoughts

In this new world of travel, developing marketing strategies for hotels that align with the revenue strategy of hotels is important. All the data and information provided in this article is thoroughly examined and well-researched

Use these strategies to gain a competitive edge over your competitors.


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