incode’s unique selection of Leadership Development programs helps your organization to create that bench strength of achievers that will take your company to the next level.

The pandemic has thrown up a lot of challenges and rewritten the traditional structures and boundaries of leadership. All around us we see the manifestation of Warren Bennis and Burt Nanus’s VUCA acronym. Learning, unlearning and relearning became imperative to survive. The need for the hour is to create leaders and self-motivated team members who are able to perform under stress.

We create these programs as per the demographics of your human capital and your human capital strategy and based on the Training Need Analysis that we conduct, we will identify and design the appropriate training intervention and deliver it to your pipeline of senior and mid-level team members making them effective in their current roles and ready for the challenges. We believe in experiential learning and follow up our interventions with a post-training commitment to coaching, mentoring and refreshing. We have programs for Senior, mid-level and junior executives. From strategic planning to business analytics and decision making our Leadership Development program address a wide variety of workforce requirements and leadership traits. The leadership traits that our programs can be built around are Intelligence (Emotional and Academical), Empathy, Confidence, Drive and motivation, Creativity and Risk-Taking Ability, Bonding, Passion and Responsibility and accountability.

Objectives of Leadership Development Programs

Our programs are designed with the end in mind. Our programs doesn’t just introduce the concept of self-development among the employees and team members of your organization and leave it there, we also hand hold and mentor them- pre and post the training intervention – to help manifest their newly acquired skills and decision-making capabilities in order to make a gainful impact in their workplace and within the teams that they lead.

Leadership focus in troubled times

According to a recent survey cum research, obsolescence is the defining business motif of the 21st century. And whether that is natural – like brought in by global events like pandemic – or digital, current and future leaders will continue to grapple with unprecedented change. They will have to survive, by not just constantly evolving and developing their teams, but also by predicting and espousing the trends before they happen. Leaders of the 21stcentury must by tech savvy. The key skill matrix for future leader’s resume, going forward, will be the sweet spot between digital development, human capital.


What do we offer?

At incode, we offer end to end, agile and bespoke training solutions. The content and the construct of each of our programs can be designed to fit to the framework of your organizations and the needs of your incumbents. Our programs are flexible enough to be delivered physically or online. Each of our modules are supported by learning aids developed professionally and delivered succinctlyCall us to or drop in a text and we will reach out to you to understand your training needs

Some of the deliverable that our training construct relies on are

    • Case studies, Process Beta Testing
    • eLearning Modules
    • Self-Assessing Questionnaire
    • Participant Guide books
    • In House Project Simulation
    • Skill Certifications and Knowledge Checks
    • Gamification of Challenges
    • Incubation Project

Some of our Notable Programmes

Delivering Customer Satisfaction via super committed teams should not be an unattainable goal for your organization This workshop looks at how to understand and anticipate customer’s needs, fulfil them go the extra mile; how to delight customers and “wow” them. This workshop ties in elements of your organizational culture and values to create a framework for decision making while motivating employees for delivering superlative service. 2-day workshop for 20 hours. Can be delivered as 2-hour modules online. This program is a beginner program to introduction to team works and managing efforts in a team or project scenario to achieve set goals.

From an individual contributor with set deliverable, one becomes suddenly responsible for a number of people. During this program the participants learn about leadership styles and their own given proclivities. They learn about soft skills and understanding how to deal with elements like time management, communication, inter personal relationship, active listening and art and method of providing feedback to increase productivity. 3-day workshop for 20 hours. Can be delivered in capsules 2-hour modules online. This program is a must-do program for all first-time supervisors who are set to transition into the roles of first-time team leaders

A unique experiential workshop developed by Incode after assimilating inputs of dozens of managers from across many industries – called Managing other and Managing self – is a deep dive into the psyche of the participants and equipping them with purpose and drive and enabling them to over reach his potential and create and sustain something truly valuable and important. 2-to-3-day workshop best done face to face but can also be delivered one on one or to a small group online. A unique and holistic course for all managers and executives and key contributors who have spent a few years in the management and are ready to take that leap in their careers.

Often enterprises and organizations, just like individuals, need to assess themselves and take stock of where they are, who they are and where they want to be. At incode Business Services we customize and create facilitative workshops (and offsites) that enable the top brass or think tank to come together and meld their thoughts into one cogent actionable pathway for the future. 2-to-3-day facilitative workshop best done face to face but can be coordinated over online sessions as well Facilitated by single or multiple process facilitators these workshop help amplify all the voices (and yet cut the clutter) to arrive at your businesses’ future focus.

Coaching and mentoring are the in-demand skill that every leader worth their salt should possess. This relevant and impactful workshop focusses on coaching conversations, traits and the skills that leaders need to obtain at various live mid-level leaders as coaches and senior level leaders or executive leaders as coaches. 7-day facilitative workshop including a certification for coaching Coaching is a fast-developing skill and is listed by HBR as one of the must have skills that a new age leader should have under their belt.

Contact us or drop us a line for callback. We offer varied type of customizable leadership and workforce development solutions like programs of soft skills, training mastery sessions, mastering effective communication, handling and dealing with conflict in teams apart from a whole gamut of program on change management and adaptability. We would love to hear your story and be a partner in your journey for quality workforce development solutions.

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