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Ready to Hire is a uniquely designed training program for students of the hospitality industry – a program that helps them get their dream break in the hospitality industry by honing their soft skills and interpersonal skills along with sharpening their technical knowledge. The Ready to Hire program assists hospitality management students to gain all the 10 skills that one must possess for professional success. It is a 10-day course – a session of 2 hours for each day, done in collaboration with hotel management schools. In this period we teach the students only what’s most significant and what will help them crack their first interview on the journey to their dream job. We know time is everything in the ever-evolving hospitality industry. Our course is hence structured very wisely including all the important skill-acquiring strategies and self-improvement techniques.

In association with top management colleges, we offer a comprehensive course where students get trained by actual industry experts. When they share their hands-on experiences, students learn better. The experienced trainers provide them with practical solutions to workplace challenges.


Our Ready to Hire includes expert guidance on how to improve the 6 Qs of an individual –Intelligence Quotient, Technical Quotient, Motivational Quotient, People Quotient, Learning Agility Quotient, Experience Quotient


The time after graduating is sometimes challenging as well as perplexing. Students remain unsure of which career option they must choose. Our experts help mentor and guide them each according to their individual merits, flair, skills and interests. They assess the strengths and weaknesses of each student collaborate with them to build on their strengths and eliminate their weakness.

The 21st century is aptly encapsulated in the acronym, VUCA – Volatility, Uncertainty, Complexity, and Ambiguity. So when we train the job aspirants for the practical world, we make sure they are VUCA ready. The world around us, nature, the environment and other aspects can change overnight and put all of us at stake. Hence, it’s important that the candidates remain prepared for every condition so that when they face adversities, they can plan and manage the risks, bring change and come up riding the wave.

Goals at a glance

Simply put, we want the hotel management graduates to be industry ready. When they step up for interviews, we want them to have that “Go Getter” attitude. We want them to be bang on every time and ace any interview they go for. Here’s a list of our main goals. However, we don’t limit our program only into these.

  • Simplify Learning [ TNI/ Development/ Administration/ Validation ]
  • Create Experiential Learning Events
  • Be the purveyors of Quality and Cost-effective customized training across multi domain and format
  • Strengthen the levers of Operational Excellence
  • Help organizations develop a learning ecosystem that promotes anywhere/anytime learning
  • Connect and Develop Young Minds @ Hotel MGMT Schools
  • Help foster and create a culture of learning and growth in future ready organisations
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