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Hotel Reputation Managemen

In recent decades, Hotel Reputation Management has emerged as a vital function. It is the means of measuring guest satisfaction, working towards improvement, and attracting more hotel bookings. But not every hotelier is clear on the best strategies to manage their business’s reputation.

Here, we’ve shortlisted 7 efficient strategies suggested by India’s top hotel reputation management services. Read on to learn about them!

7 Hacks To Escalate Reputation Of Hotels

1. List The Hotel On Popular Review Sites

The top review sites that facilitate booking services should be on the top of your hotel reputation management strategy list. Some of these trending sites are TripAdvisor,, and Airbnb. Guests are increasingly relying on these review sites to plan their travels. So, make sure your hotel has a strong presence in all these major sites.

2. Keep a Close Eye On Negative Reviews

Does your hotel have a good online reputation and a great star rating? Typically, the newest reviews stay on the top of the list. If a guest of yours posts a harsh review, it would be the first thing that falls in the eye of a potential guest. So, spot such negative reviews as fast as possible and take the necessary steps to acknowledge the issue.

3. Spotting Is Not Enough, Responding Is Essential Too

Seeing your hotel getting slammed in public is surely not a pleasant sight. The best way to repair that damage is quickly responding to all negative reviews.

While answering negative reviews, don’t get all heated up. Take a deep breath and interact with the guest politely. The guests will have a change of opinion once you send a genuine, understanding response. But you have to mend the damage on time. Otherwise, the guest won’t bother.

4. Ask Satisfied Guests To Review Your Property

Don’t let a happy customer go away just like that. Request them to write an online review for your property. However, don’t come across as annoying or irritating. Gently explain to them the importance of their review for your business. If your explanation convinces the client, they will readily spare a few minutes to write a genuine review for you.

5. Have A Strong Social Media Presence

As a hotelier, social media should be an integral part of your reputation management strategy. Along with review sites, pay equal attention to conversation, critiques, and comments on social media platforms. They can be a valuable source of feedback for your business. Like GMBs and review sites, spot and respond to negative reviews on social media too instantly.

6. Engage With The Local Community

“Word-of-mouth” marketing still holds relevance for hotels. The best way to do that is to interact with local guests on a personal level. Every once a month or two months, invite the local population or influencers to tour your property. Welcome and entertain them with drinks and local dance performances. Politely ask them for suggestions or feedback after it.

7. Monitor Competitor’s Progress

How would you feel if your most loyal guests chose your competitor over you? Surely, they must be providing some attractive amenities and marketing it well. So, you must find out what it is. Check out which influencers they’re working with, which publications they’re featured on and how their online reviews are.

Hire Incode Business Services To Earn Better Reviews

Take your hotels towards towering fame and growth with our adept professionals. We can devise effective strategies to help you reap the benefits and avoid pitfalls while managing your hotels’ prestige.

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