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Categories: Hotel

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Marketing Strategy for Hotels – Marketing isn’t limited to languages. Humans rely deeply on their sense of sight. As visual creatures, we are more intrigued to spend time and money on anything we can see and experience, rather than just reading.

With the outburst of digital visual platforms like Pinterest, Instagram, and Facebook, hotels have to keep up with the visual marketing game. They have to put their best foot forward to get an edge over their competitors. 

It’s time to bring your business to life visually across all media with the best visual marketing strategy for hotels laid by Incode Business Services.

4 tips: foolproof visual marketing strategy for hotels

  • Tempt with influencer and guest visuals

Currently, influencer marketing is among the most thriving marketing strategy for hotels. Take advantage of this strategy and incorporate photography and visuals into it. If you have the budget, push your brand visibility more through well-known micro-influencers and Instagrammers, and you will witness an increase in customer engagement to a great extent.

 Tips to entice influencer and guest visuals.

  • Start your own hashtag, ask your guests and influencers to use it with their selfies at your hotel, and ask them to tag you on their social feeds. Never miss to appreciate and thank them.
  • Arrange contests and dedicated campaigns to portray specific visual segments of your hotel.
  • Encourage people to make content and visuals as much as possible and also reward them for it.


  1.  Always produce authentic photos

Endless stock photos from various photography sites are always available, and to use them for the marketing campaigns of your hotel is nothing but ignorance – and you shouldn’t do it.

Your brand runs on value and reputation, and stock photos add “zero” value to your brand – also, they lack emotions too.

High-quality, authentic photos of your hotel attract more customers compared to stock photos. Before booking your hotel services, your customers want to get a genuine idea of the architectural style, rooms, food of your hotel, and you must be more than happy to share the visual representation of the same. 

Also, having a well-trained photographer to capture all the essential nuances of your business is an essential step to ace the visual marketing strategy for hotels.

  1. Create Cooperative Graphics for your hotel

 Remember the old saying, “a picture is worth a thousand words?”. This statement holds the perfect place in this visual marketing strategy for hotels – and you must incorporate this concept into your digital marketing strategy.

Think what would be the best way to create interactive visuals for your site. Take ideas and insights from your graphics team, marketing team. Ask them what they think will work the best for your hotel business – and then create the best interactive graphic visuals.   

These days’ customers are more inclined towards hotel businesses that give them convenience. Allow your customers the freedom to pick their tables, let them decide on how they want their seating arrangements for their event. Give them the liberty. 

An interactive floorplan and diagram on your website will instantly help your guests make up their minds and engage with your businesses more easily.  

  1. Create Videos that Compliments your Strategies

Video content is rapidly increasing and is becoming one of the most engaging formats for the hospitality industry. You must take advantage of this medium and include it in your visual marketing strategy for hotels.

 Prepare your videos with sounds and visuals, interact with your clients using these videos, share with them the view, and it will inspire many potential guests to make a leap and book a stay.

Bottom Line

If you want to know more about making the most of visual marketing strategy for hotels, visit Incode Business Services today and get your training from the experts. 

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