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Marketing Strategy for Hotels: The bed is made, the towels are hung, the flowers are put in the vase – Everything is done! But there is one thing missing: the guests!

As a hotelier, the number one priority is: to give the guests a comfortable place to stay, but at the same time, running a profitable business – basically, you need to make sure your hotel rooms are occupied at the right price and over time.

If you are already happy with your hotel marketing, well and good.

And if not, don’t worry, Incode Business Services will tell you how to get what you want!

But here’s a point to remember: to ace the marketing strategies of hotels, you need to start with the basics and then climb the ladder of success – and Incode Business Services will tell you how they do it the right way beginning from step.

  1. Marketing Website

Your hotel’s website is a representation of your hotel’s hospitality. It should be functional, creative, unique, helpful, and user-friendly. When planning a marketing strategy for hotels, remember, the goal of your website is to mirror the experience your guests will have at your hotel – therefore, you must make it pleasant and user-friendly.

Essential website designing tips:

  • 65% of hotel bookings are done through smartphones- mobile optimization is crucial.
  • Hotel photos and virtual tours are a must.
  • The amenities and room information should be easy to find and navigate. Always keep this essential information up-to-date.
  1. An Engaging Social Media Presence

Hotel marketing strategy 2022 revolves around social media and how tactfully you use it to reach your desired audiences. When designing a social media marketing strategy for hotels, Incode Business Services recommends that you must find ways to engage your guests and influence them to share their experiences during their stay.

  • Advertise your hotel’s specialty. But don’t just go along tooting your own horn – because people don’t usually appreciate it.
  • Talk about your hotel’s amenities, location, activities, and staff. Make your guests feel local by highlighting the local points of interest of the town.
  • Be smart and use your social media as a resource for guests to share their experiences. Take the opportunity to engage more customers and build a following by taking care of the customers’ needs.
  1. Proactive Hotel Management Reputation

The number one factor for hotels is reputation – and even the best of the best hotels fail to satisfy their guests from time to time. With the increasing popularity of social media, venting their frustrations on online platforms has become common and easy.

But not addressing these grievances of the customers and leaving them unanswered is harmful for your hotel’s reputation.

According to the reputation management team of Incode Business Services, your marketing strategy for hotels must include services to take care of your hotel reputation – and this is how we do it:

  • Track comments and reviews on all major booking channels.
  • Use social listening tools to monitor what bad or good is shared about your hotel.
  • Develop a strategy of when to defend, how to defend, how to provide recovery services, and when not to answer.
  1. Strategic Hotel Pay-Per-Click(PPC) and Display Ads

What’s the best way to drive more traffic to your website? It’s by using effective search and display ads.

Every hotel business in your locality will be competing for certain search terms. But you must target keywords that will gain your competitive advantage over the competitors.

Here are few tips – from Incode Business Services – that can help to achieve the desired results:

  • Utilize internet-based display ads or history to take on board vacationers and event planners who haven’t decided on the venue yet.
  • Put different ad copies, demographics, platforms, and creatives to the test to see what works best.
  • Be realistic and set a budget for your digital marketing plan for the hotel.

Other than these 4 strategies there are several other marketing strategy for hotels that we recommend our clients to follow. These strategies are to ensure that you stay on top of your marketing game while bringing in more clients and revenue to the business.


In the competitive hotel industry, finding the right marketing strategy for hotels can be challenging – and this desperately calls for the need for professional hotel marketing concepts.

Nail these hotel marketing ideas, and take your business to heights by taking guidance from experts of the industry. Hire the marketing services of Incode Business Services, and we are here to tell, guide, and advise you how to ace your hotel marketing game. Talk to the hotel marketing specialist today!


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