Ready To Hire Program

Get Your Dream Job

Ready to Hire is a uniquely designed training program for students of hospitality industry – a program that helps them get their dream break in the hospitality industry by honing their soft skills and interpersonal skills along with sharpening the technical knowledge. The Ready to Hire program assists the hospitality management students to gain all the 10 skills that one must possess for professional success. It is a 10-day course – a session of 2 hours for each day, done in collaboration with hotel management schools. In this period we teach the students only what’s most significant and what will help them crack their first interview on the journey to their dream job. We know time is everything in the ever evolving hospitality industry. Our course is hence structured very wisely including all the important skill-acquiring strategies and self improvement techniques.

In association with top management colleges, we offer a comprehensive course where students get trained by actual industry experts. When they share their hand-on experiences, students learn better. The experienced trainers provide them with practical solutions to the workplace challenges. 

Acing Group Discussion

Preparing the students for the real job scenario is our motto. Group discussion rounds allow them learn how they must engage in a group meeting for effective team work. Hoteleiring is a team work at the end of the day. Learning the art of connecting with people begin with GD rounds. It also builds confidence and helps assimilate and analyze multiple perspectives on one particular subject, which is indeed useful.

The Quotients

Our Ready to Hire includes expert guidance on how to improve the 6 Qs of an individual –Intelligence Quotient, Technical Quotient, Motivational Quotient, People Quotient, Learning Agility Quotient, Experience Quotient

1. Intelligence Quotient (IQ)

The quotient that enables one to predict and comprehend things how they are. The ability to deal with adversities and challenges smartly.

3. Motivational Quotient (MQ)

It is the drive that motivates one to grow and achieve the desired goals. This quality makes one determined, diligent and dedicated and keeps one away from procrastination.

5. Learning Agility Quotient (LAQ)

It is the ability that makes one sharp at learning new things. This quotient determines one’s pace of learning new skills, methods and capacity to adapt new environments.

2. Technical Quotient (TQ)

The quality that helps one function the right way at the right time. The ability that ensures proper execution of a job at hand

4. People Quotient (PQ)

The quality that helps one become a team player. It is the ability to drive the team towards one common goal by contributing in teamwork. This quotient also builds leadership qualities.

6. Experience Quotient (XQ)

This is about the ability to draw learning and life experiences from past and current experiences. It decides how you constantly proceed towards your goal by avoiding same old mistakes. This quotient makes one wise through pragmatic learning.

Leadership Qualities

Ready to Hire program endeavors to have students geared up with all major skills so that they can thrive in their career. Leadership quality is one such indispensable skill. The experienced faculty here guides them on how to acquire this quality, and how to manifest that into one’s workplace. It helps one to plan things in a very organized manner, prioritize tasks, and motivate others to reach a set goal, alter the plan when and as needed, and change the working environment altogether filling it with positivity and energy. In association with the colleges, our program helps students gain these skill set.

Life Skills

Certain skills are important for us everywhere we go. They are called Life Skills not only because we learn them from life but also we need them to improve our life – social, economical, professional, and personal. What are they? They are majorly the ability of decision making, problem solving, sympathizing and empathizing people, critical thinking, and introspecting. It also includes communication skills, creativity, assertiveness, self-control, self reliance and resilience.

In our 10-day training program, using various teaching methods we try to infiltrate the students’ minds with these skills.


Career options

The time after graduating is sometimes challenging as well as perplexing. Students remain unsure of which career option they must choose. Our experts help mentor and guide them each according to their individual merits, flair, skills and interests. They assess the strengths and weaknesses of each student collaborate with them to build on their strengths and eliminate their weakness.

VUCA Readiness

The 21st century is aptly encapsulated in the acronym, VUCA – Volatility, Uncertainty, Complexity, and Ambiguity. So when we train the job aspirants for the practical world, we make sure they are VUCA ready. The world around us, the nature, environment and other aspects can change overnight and put all of us at stake. Hence, it’s important that the candidates remain prepared for every condition so that when they face the adversities, they can plan and manage the risks, bring change and come up riding the wave.

Did you know?

  • Employability of Indian graduates jumps to 47% in 2019 from 33% in 2014: (Survey Mint, 10th Dec 2019)
  • By 2028, international tourist arrivals are expected to reach 30.5 billion and generate revenue over US$ 59 billion. (IBEF, June 2021)
  • It is predicted that the industry will grow at 8.6% rate by 2025
  • Shares of organized sectors to reach 37% by 2025
  • 30,750 students pass out from hospitality/hotel management colleges every year
  • 575 MTs (management trainees) i.e. 0.33% of the lot get selected by top brands
  • Out of 575 MTs approx. 60 to 70 MTs come from graduate colleges
  • 3000 students opt for non- hospitality jobs
  • Almost 500/600 students prepare for higher studies after few years in the profession

The first and foremost goal of incode is to plug the gap of MTs from graduate colleges and to minimize the migration of graduates to non-hospitality sectors.

Goals at a glance

Simply put, we want the hotel management graduates to be industry ready. When they step up for interviews, we want them to have that “Go Getter” attitude. We want them to be bang on every time and ace any interview they go for. Here’s a list of our main goals. However, we don’t limit our program only into these. 

  • Simplify Learning [ TNI/ Development/ Administration/ Validation ]
  • Create Experiential Learning Events
  • Be the purveyors of Quality and Cost-effective customized training across multi domain and format
  • Strengthen the levers of Operational Excellence
  • Help organizations develop a learning ecosystem that promotes anywhere/anytime learning
  • Connect and Develop Young Minds @ Hotel MGMT Schools
  • Help foster and create a culture of learning and growth in future ready organisations

Education & Employbility

The education you get cannot be useful unless it makes you employable. It is imperative for the management colleges, and other educational institutes too that they ensure employability when they finally declare them as graduates.

The job market has always been tremendously competitive. The arrival of Covid has blown the hinges of the business as usual door, challenges have been unprecedented even for basic survival in certain cases. As a result, the hospitality industry is at the crossroads poised to go under or emerge ahead of the curve. At this volatile moment, if you want to hit a job-interview for hotels or any other field of hospitality, you must be FLEXIBLE and be ready to LEARN, UNLEARN and RELEARN.

Employers responding to QS Global employer Survey have restated many times that, when they hire a candidate, they look for a particular “fit” sometimes not just for the job at hand but with the company’s values, ethos, culture and aspirations, knowing this is not always an easy task for incumbents. Apart from looking for a team player and motivator with adequate technical skills, they also seek intensity, optimism, energy, open-mindedness, sound communication, and most importantly, dexterity and readiness to undertake new challenges, initiate proper execution of plans and extract the desired outcome at any cost.

The 20-hour training program Ready To Hire we designed, fits the cogs in the best possible way to provide the aspirants with all the required knowledge and skill set. Once you get into ‘Ready to Hire’ you are certainly going to come out as ‘ready to be hired’.

Education & Employbility

How We Came Up With The Program

The four members of the core-team of incode, together having a composite experience of 100+ years in the industry, have realized a fact – that most training is theoretical and does not speak to the developing wants and needs of the industry. It is common consensus that more often than not job aspirants are clueless about the true nature and requirement of the corporate industry and are poorly armed to take up the vicarious challenges of an evolving industry. They go through case studies. They are introduced to various departments of the industry. But very rarely they are introduced to the practical challenges, every day hardships of the real workplace at their schools and colleges, until they step into the industry themselves and have a rude awakening of all sorts.


Therefore, with this mission in mind we reengineered a program that will GUARANTEE

  • Real industry knowledge. 
  • Information on hidden nuances of working in the industry.
  • Sharing of hands on experiences by experts.
  • Tips on how to sustain and thrive.
  • Tips on how to prosper in the face of adversity and uncertainty.
  • Attainment of 10 major skills.
  • Achieving a flexible and optimistic professional self.

Here is the list of all the 10 skills we include in the program to make you employable

  • Commercial awareness (or business acumen).
  • Communication& Confidence.
  • Teamwork& Flexibility.
  • Negotiation and Persuasion.
  • Problem solving& Idea generation.
  • Leadership& Disaster management.
  • Administration& Execution.
  • Perseverance & Patience.
  • Motivation& Optimism.
  • Time management.

Take a look at WHAT incode BRINGS IN with the 20-hour Training Program

  • 100+ years of Corporate Industry Experience.
  • FULL picture of the ‘Industry ASK’.
  • Experience of conducting 35K+ interviews.
  • Unmatched Industry Connect.
  • Beyond Hospitality Industry Connect.
  • Strong Facilitator role to bridge the GAP.
  • A “Make it Happen” attitude to cater to real time requirements.

A Short & Snappy chart to explain our program

Learning & Innovation "The 4 C's"

  • Critical thinking & problem solving
  • Creativity and innovation
  • Communication
  • Collaboration

Digital Literacy

  • Information Literacy
  • Media Literacy
  • ICT Literacy

Career & Life

  • Flexiblity & Adaptability
  • Initiative & Self-direction
  • Social & Cross-cultural Interaction
  • Productivity & Accountability
  • Leadership & Responsibility

With these many things to offer, we can ACHIEVE a lot TOGETHER

  • Mentor Final year students to get ‘Ready to be Hired’
  • Equip students with the sought after skills & attributes
  • Expand the Awareness of Student community to include the ‘BEST in India’
  • Bridge the GAP between Demand & Supply
  • Help you achieve growth in Success Metrics
  • Mastering the In-Demand Emerging Skills
  • Levers for Success – A Global Leader
  • Life skills that will see you through Life

The Last Words

Remembering the words of Helen Keller, we must realize –
“Alone we can do so little,
Together we can do so much”.

So let’s come together and discover a FEARLESS ‘You’. Be prepared to face this ever changing, dynamic world of hospitality industry. Let’s face new challenges with brave heart and optimistic mind.

Let’s be ready to grab the spotlight and keep it on you!!


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