Revenue Management Consulting

incode hotels & hospitality consulting brings in strategic and operational level of Revenue Management support through a series of activities specially customized for increasing hotel revenue. We assist hotels with a full deck of analytical and intuitive inputs on managing rates, content and digital sales platforms. Additionally, we optimize productivity from all other segments of business-like Corporates, Leisure and MICE. When a hotel outsources the Revenue Management activity to incode hotels & hospitality consulting; it essentially is signing up for quality and consistency.

As an institution built on knowledge-leadership, we help your hotel in de-risking itself from an individual’s thought process. The hotel can claim the advantages of yield management at a fraction of what it would cost it to hire full-time resources. Our objective is to achieve a market share which is significantly higher than the fair share. Over time, our hotels have benefited from a higher RevPAR and improved profitability


What We do …..

Business Mix Optimisation

  • SWOT Analysis
  • Finetuning the strategies to focus on right business mix
  • Displacement Analysis
  • Offer practical solutions to improve penetration in under-performing segments

Pricing Strategy

  • Competitor benchmarking
  • Dynamic pricing mechanism
  • Usage of restrictions and promotions to optimize low and high periods respectively
  • Data mining for trend analysis
  • Rate parity across multiple platforms
  • Rate fencing
  • Price elasticity study over weekdays and weekends

Forecasting Models

  • Historical and Advanced Booking models
  • Assessment of Pace reports, Daily Pick-up Reports, Sales Productivity Reports
  • Incorporate city sold-out dates and demand spike periods
  • Banquet Space Revenue Optimization

Online Chanel Management

  • Web Content Management
  • Work with OTAs to drive special promotions
  • Offer advice for SEO and SEM activities
  • Deployment of revenue management tasks periodically

Distribution Management

  • improvement of GDS productivity
  • Direct and Indirect channel balance
  • Marketing budget assessment
  • Identify gaps/ leakages in reservations
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Revenue management consulting activities specially customized for increasing hotel revenue